Mindfulness Approach In International School Jakarta Barat: Reasons And Implementation

Many international schools offer a range of benefits, such as curriculum, facilities, or academic prowess. However, global Sevilla brings out a unique program that is hardly found in any international school Jakarta Barat. It is a mindfulness program, which focuses on students’ well-being. Why and how do they use it? Here are the details.

The Reason Behind implementing the Mindfulness approach 

The sense of mindfulness in education is quite rare. Most people might hear the idea from activities such as yoga or therapy. However, Global Sevilla brought the idea into the classroom to pay more attention to student well-being. The school understands that learner is a human with emotion, psychology, mind, and social.

They are not only a machine trying to get the best score in academics. The learner can also feel anxiety and stress, which can affect the learning activities and the effects. With that idea, the school uses the method to develop and improve both of their academic and behavioral aspects. In the end, a balanced and thorough education is given to the students.

Mindfulness Approach In International School Jakarta Barat

The Implementation in the Global Sevilla school

The international school Jakarta Barat take a lot of measures to implement the idea. The first thing that the institution pays attention to is the relaxing and calming atmosphere. It appears in the form of a down-to-earth green surrounding to fit the purpose. After that, the program also focuses on creating a specific day of mindfulness.

The school uses the day to gather the community and start to be mindful in their daily lives. In this time, all students and teachers go a practice enjoying the calm flow of the day. In other words, it highlights the sense of relaxation after a hectic life. The focus of the activities itself is to present a breath and break at the moment.

Relaxing, calming down their mind, and being in a restful state is the point. While doing so, the students will get the chance to slow down, focus, and pay more attention to every situation. When students can maintain their emotion, the international school Jakarta Barat believe that it helps improve memory, skills, concentration, self-control, and other values.

Global Sevilla gets a very robust vision and idea to educate students more than just book knowledge. They see how students need a balanced and comprehensive education, which includes their well-being. Mindfulness focus on practice personal strength, mental, and attitude. Thus, every individual can learn more effectively in the future.